May-June Newsletter

Grand Knights Message

To my Brother Knights & Council Family, 

God help us to preserve our vocation of marriage 

More than 50 years ago, the fathers of Vatican II recognized that marriage was threatened by di-vorce and so-called “free love” and that “married love is too often dishonored by selfishness, hedon-ism, and unlawful contraceptive practices.” The council also cited the economic, social and psycho-logical pressures facing families in the modern world (Gaudium et Spes, 47). For the past five dec-ades, societal support for marriage and family has eroded even further. But there’s no sense in longing for the good old days or just complaining about the way things are. Instead, more and more couples must make a conscious decision to make their homes truly a domestic church — a home built on the solid rock of faith. Families are made beautiful by a self-giving love that not only endures but flour-ishes amid sacrifices and sufferings. Such a home, rooted in faith and love, bears witness to Christ and his love for his people. Such a home bears witness to the beauty and nobility of the vocation of mar-riage. As the cultural erosion of authentic marriage continues, one thing might be clearer than ever: A couple cannot go it alone. There’s really no way to live the vocation of marriage without getting caught up into divine love. Far from being a starry-eyed notion, this is the only way to transform life’s sufferings and inconveniences into moments of grace. (By Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori.) 

Holy Mary, Queen of Knights, pray for our marriage stability 

Vivat Jesus, 

Vito Abramowicz, Grand Knight 

Chaplins Message

May is the month of Mary, the Blessed Mother, but on May 1st we celebrate another feast day of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, St. Joseph the Worker. 

I try not to write my “reflections” in the second person, because these topics are not about me and my experiences, but here I feel the need to mention that Joseph is my middle name. St. Jo-seph is my patron saint. I dare say I would not be alive if it weren’t for my dear mother’s inter-cession to this pious saint for about 18 years. The details of which are not important, but here I am, alive and well because of his intimate intercession on behalf of my mom’s own intercession. 

With a weak attempt at humor, I am thinking of May as “trio” de Mayo instead of “cinco.” Mary, Joseph, and their son Jesus, is the earthly example of the Holy Trinity. A Holy trio on earth as an example of how we should exemplify ourselves in our own life, in our own time. 

Joseph, a righteous man from the line of David, doesn’t have much in the way of an account of his role in sacred scripture. His role, nonetheless, was beyond enormous. He was the guardian and safe keeper of the Almighty’s handmaiden, Mary, and His son, Jesus, God incarnate. Joseph, appointed by God, did His Will when directly, an angel of the Lord, in a dream, told him what he was supposed to do. If any of us were in his sandals, would we be able to live up to God’s expectation of His Will as Joseph did? Wouldn’t it be nice if Our Lord sent an angel to us in a dream so that we could know absolutely what God’s Will is for us? Are we righteous enough for such a revelation? 

We don’t read anything in scripture of Joseph shouting from the rooftops of Christ’s coming. He doesn’t boast that he’s been commissioned by God Himself to guard the Son of God. He doesn’t parade Mary around for all to be jeal-ous of. He doesn’t break down the doors when there is no room at the inn. He doesn’t bust heads looking for young Jesus who was in the temple teaching. Joseph wasn’t a proactivist, making claims for all to see, charging people what they should do. 

Instead, Joseph’s role was that of a quiet, stalwart figure in the life of Christ. A family man of the highest fidelity. A man who didn’t rush to judgment over Mary when she conceived of Our Lord without his knowing. He did all he could to keep her honor with the rest of the community. He was full of love, compassion, prudence, and temper-ance. And above all, he had complete faith in God. 

Do we know anyone like this? Next time we meet a quiet family man, a person who works with their hands, who is mostly only seen when he needs to be seen, a man who is true to his faith and His God and seems to only do the minimum that is required? Let us not rush to judgment of him. His role in this life might be of one greater than ours. His role might be a role that may not be so evident to the rest of us. 

His role might also be that of St. Joseph’s, a man of quiet strength, faith, righteousness, and intercession as one of Our Lord’s guardians in Salvation History

Yours in Christ, 

Jim Fern 

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