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Melbourne Florida Seminar Venue

Are you looking for a venue to host a business seminar in Melbourne Florida? The Knights of Columbus Hall is centrally located on Dairy Road just south of 192.

We have 3 rooms available to host your seminar depending on your needs and the number of people you expect to attend.

Large Banquet Hall

Our large Banquet hall is the perfect Melbourne Florida Seminar venue for your larger business meetings and seminars. The room holds about 200 people and can be configured to your liking. We have long rectangular tables, round tables, or can just line up rows of seats. However best suits your needs.

Small “Snap Room”

Our Snap Room is a more smaller room that holds about 50 people. This room can also be set up however you wish and is perfect when you don’t need a large room, and are looking for something for a smaller budget.

The Lounge

Our lounge holds about 75 people and has a full liquor bar. This room can be rented by itself or in addition to any of our other rooms.

Whatever Your Needs, We Are The Best Melbourne Florida Seminar Venue

We offer catering for your event, and have a full, restaurant quality kitchen. Our prices are extremely reasonable, and as a charitable organization, you know that the money you spend here will go to help our community.

So if you are looking for the best Melbourne Florida Seminar Venue for your next business meeting, seminar, or just need a place for an office party, call the Knights of Columbus.